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Immaku.com – What kind of cancer did Technoblade have? Minecraft star dies at 23, The Minecraft and streaming community was shocked to hear of the death of YouTube star “Alexander” Technoblade at the age of 23 after losing his battle with stage 4 cancer.

The YouTuber hasn’t officially revealed what type of cancer he’s battling, but several members of the community have speculated that he may have been diagnosed with sarcoma. This speculation has never been confirmed as the creator and his family wanted to keep the matter as private as possible.

In a touching note his techno dad posted after his death, he spoke a little about the past year since the creator’s diagnosis

Minecraft Technoblade star dies of stage four cancer

In August 2021, Technoblade uploaded a 13-minute video titled “Where have you been”. In it, he mentioned that in July 2021 he noticed his right arm was sore and he speculated that it would be due to some type of repetitive stress injury that sees him spending a lot of time playing games.

After a few days, he noticed that his right shoulder was also swelling. After consulting doctors and running tests, the YouTuber revealed that he had been diagnosed with cancer. The 23-year-old player said his chemotherapy treatment was in full swing.

In his signature joke-filled tone, Technoblade spoke of his experience in the hospital, saying:

He stressed the need for some urgency and continued:

On July 1, 2022, a final farewell video was uploaded to his YouTube channel titled “so long nerds”, in which his father read the following message, written by the content creator himself

The talk continued when he revealed that his siblings would soon be attending college thanks to continued support from community members.

The video went viral instantly as it garnered several million views and 1.7 million likes within hours of release. Members of the gaming and streaming community continue to pay tribute to the YouTube legend on various social media platforms.

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