Update Big City Life Simulator Mod Apk New Version 2022– Update Big City Life Simulator Mod Apk New Version 2022. Big City Life MOD APK is a simulation game by CactusGamesCompany.

You play the role of a country boy going to a big city for a career. Things are harder than you think, but your will and determination will help you overcome them all without fear of difficulty.

Ideas for living in a big city Getting a career in the city has never been easier for a boy! Plot and game development In metropolitan life, you take on the role of a young villager who goes to the metropolis with the desire to change his life.

Life here forced him to survive at any cost. This is not the battle to survive on the border between guns and good and evil as you think, it is a battle that everyone must experience every day of their lives: earn a living, work and be wise Consume, pay invoices, pay monthly payments evenly … This is a real-world battle and you have to do a lot to overcome and achieve a better future.

The game has a companion named Michael, a real townsman with a passion for education and consulting. With Michael’s advice, you need a motorcycle license to find a job. Big cities need to worry about the lives of others, but they always have choices.

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