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The Broken Ring This Marriage Will Fail Anyway Spoiler

So Ines is a regressor, so now that’s the fourth life. FL chose Carcel even though he knew Carcel was a playboy because in FL’s second life, FL married the crown prince, right.

And FL died because the crown prince liked to cheat and have free sex until FL got STD. So that’s why FL miscarried. Finally FL committed suicide.

Now in the third life, FL married a painter (an ordinary person) and had a boy boy. But because FL is royalty, the family doesn’t like FL marrying the painter. The FL family basically told FL to kill the family. In the end, the Fl family killed the painter, and FL, if I’m not mistaken, killed his son and committed suicide.

And so FL has regressed 4 times (which is now the fourth) but he only remembers the second and third. There’s a reason later…

But the point is that as long as he regresses in the second and third life, FL knows that Carcel is a playboy.. FL deliberately chose Carcel because he could later divorce Carcel because of infidelity.. he doesn’t care about Carcel cheating because.

AT LEAST Carcel is cheating on him choose to choose the girl .. if the crown prince who likes the forehead that’s why he gets STD.

Well, the reason why FL doesn’t try it with ordinary people (not nobles), it’s because of the third life where the FL family killed the painter FL married. So it’s like he’s thinking what’s the difference between royalty and not royalty… and at least with Carcel there’s a reason for Carcel and him to divorce later.

Also because Ines chose Carcel, so Ines doesn’t have to marry the Crown Prince. The problem is that Ines can’t marry a noble, and she has the same choice as the crown prince.

But ines knows that the crown prince is a dog, so if you have to choose royalty, just choose the most handsome one, Carcel. Also, he will be able to divorce Carcel later because Carcel likes cheating..

Btww now, why don’t you remember FL’s first life? Well, that’s because in the first life, Ines (FL) married Carcel well, FL and Carcel’s life was good, but FL was forced to regress because the Crown Prince committed suicide if I’m not mistaken…

basically FL regressed in the first life because it was the crown prince who regressed self.
The crown prince regressed because he didn’t like Carcel and FL. So the Crown Prince was obsessed with FL from the first life!

Now in his second and third life and now his fourth, the crown prince is still obsessed with Ines. So he tried all the ways to make Ines and Carcel miserable..

Another thing, it turns out that during the first, second, third and now fourth life, Carcel has always loved Ines. Carcel loves Ines even though Ines is married to the Crown Prince (second life),

Painter (third life). And btw it says that our FL is also a master of manipulation, actually Ines kinda manipulated Carcel to then cheat on her.. well so that Ines has clear evidence for Carcel’s divorce because of Carcel’s infidelity

The Broken Ring This Marriage Will Fail Anyway

When six year old Inés saw the handsome heir of the Escalante Family, she immediately made the boy her fiancé. Since noble men were all the same, he thought he’d better choose a handsome one. But Lord Cárcel was not ready for this kind of commitment.

And he spent the next decade and a half avoiding marriage at all costs! Fortunately, it didn’t matter to Inés, because the failure of this marriage was what she wanted. In fact, he had his blessing to sow wild wheat as long as he did not interfere in his business.

Unfortunately, being a playboy isn’t as fun as when your fiancé gives you permission. And doesn’t this mean he’s cheating too? Now, Cárcel is determined to change Inés’ mind about him and prove that he can be the husband she’s always wanted to be.


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