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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1360

Yash Nics and Song Pingting have entered the ancestral homes of the Song family, surrounded by the Song family.

Yash Nics quietly asked Song Pingting. “How was our wedding preparation?”

Song Pingting blushed a little and said softly. “Everything is ready, but it was the rich princess who previously promised to be a bridesmaid. I heard you were taken to Kokuan, and they caused you a catastrophe.

“They were afraid to interfere, and they suddenly repented and refused the bridesmaid’s duty.”
“Now only Tonke and Hata Phoenix are playing against me.

The Song Pingting was just finished talking, and soon some luxury Maserati cars came out, and some beautiful girls led by the famous woman and daughter Sun Xiaohong in Manity City.

Sun Xiaohong, number. A woman rushed in and greeted Yash Nics and Song Pingting with a smile and was delighted. Brother, we must be your wedding bridesmaid.

“Yes, yes, we are here to be a bridesmaid.”

Song Pingting’s expression was complicated!

It’s really cold and warm. Immediately after the Yash Knicks accident, these people set their relationship aside, bridesmaids were also abused, they also ridiculed all sorts and laughed that he was married to the murderer.

rice field. now!

Assassin Yash Knicks becomes Marshal of the North.

Sun Xiaohong and these people came back and begged to be a bridesmaid.

Song Pingting hasn’t commented yet, but Yash Nics has already weakly commented. “Sorry, we will find someone again after you refuse to be a bridesmaid.

Some celebrities, Sun Xiaohong, were shocked and regretted and said uncertainly. Do they have the noble status of our Gangnam women?

Currently, someone is outside. Approved vehicle with military license plate!

A group of men and women in military uniform came down, and several men in Major General’s uniform were all tall and tall. Some women were all handsome and wore the uniforms of a civilian major general.

A group of Union Army main generals arrives.

Among the most important male generals are the greedy wolves, breaking armies, and seven kills!
Among the most important civilian female generals are Suzaku, Jiwin and Chin Luang!

Yash Nics smiled and said: “Here are the best men and bridesmaids, how are their bridesmaids better than you?”

Sun Xiaohong and others all face up. Blush, these women were compared to these female generals. Let’s be a flatulence!

Each of them kept silence, despaired and retreated.

Greedy wolves came to Yash Knicks and said in a single voice, “Join the Marshal!”
Yash Nics smiled, “You don’t have to be polite!”

At that time, another prominent group of guests who turned out to be guards of the capital appeared. Army commander, Tian Weilong.

Old Tianway, after spending time with Yash Knicks Hungry, said he smiled and received the gift. “Today is an important day for the Marshal, but unfortunately the homeland of a poor woman with a homeland cannot attend the Marshal’s wedding.”

“But the country’s mistress personally witnessed the marriage to a young Marshal. , Witnessed Miss Song.

I wish you a happy marriage. “Tian Weilong took out the testimony and handed it over!

YashNics and Song Pingting took over immediately.

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