(NEW LINK) Nupur Sharma Video Viral On Youtube & Update Link Video Full Uncensored Udaipur Tailor Kanhaiya Lal Murder

produktienssyariah.com – Nupur Sharma Video Viral On Youtube & Update Link Video Full Uncensored Udaipur Tailor Kanhaiya Lal Murder Hello guys, the cruel daylight massacre of a tailor in the territory of Bhootmahal Udaipur p had Tuesday brought a shocking effect across the city with tensions simmering in the territory and vizier Rajasthani Minister Ashok Gehlot pushing for peace. .

Within hours, orders were imposed preventing gatherings of people across the state for one month, and mobile Internet service suspended for the next 24 hours. The curfew was announced at 8pm until there were further orders at 7 police station areas in the city of Udaipur.

Kanhaiya Lal, a 40-year-old tailor, was beheaded by 2 attackers at his stall 10 days after posting a social media post in support of now-suspended BJP speech expert Nupur Sharma, which caused widespread outrage for his friends. review of the apostles.

The assailants broke into Kanhaiya Lal’s stall asking for clothes and just before he knew there was a problem, they attacked him swiftly, severing his head. The accused subsequently posted the naughty film online and responsibly even though Gehlot pressured everyone to refrain from sharing the shocking film.

Local news reports that Kanhaiya Lal has received harm from people from the community since he asked to support Nupur Sharma. he once approached the police who once told him to be careful but did not take evasive action.

A local shop owner who put the shutters down after today’s tense massacre said Kanhaiya had not opened his shop for 6 days and only came in today.

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Video Full Nupur Sharma Video Viral On Youtube

After that, a curfew has been inaugurated in 7 areas of the Udaipur Police Station from 8 p.m. until the new order is seen on Tuesday.

Udaipur collector Tarachand Meena has issued orders to establish a curfew in 7 police station areas Dhan Mandi, Ghanta Ghar, Hathi Pole, Amba Mata, Suraj Pole, Bhupalpura and Savina.

The curfew will be in effect from 20:00 on Tuesday until further notice, in accordance with regulations. However, those who participate in the useful service, students who seek reprimand, and workers who participate in the warning system will be excluded. After that, the mobile internet connection in the city and has been discontinued.

“Warnings across the state have been raised and the IG and SP that have been counted have been asked to raise disclosures and force shifts as evasive actions,” said Hawa Singh Ghumaria of ADG Law and Instructions.

another 600 or so police officers, including 5 companies of the Rajasthani Armed Police, were sent to Udaipur, the administrators said. predecessor police officers and have been transferred to the city.

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Link Video Full Uncensored Udaipur Tailor Kanhaiya Lal Murder

The footage was shared on social media and netizens were stunned, but centimeter Ashok Gehlot tweeted: “I swear at the violent massacre of a teenager in Udaipur. The players must be brought to justice and the police will find evidence behind this crime. I urge all parties to maintain peace. Everyone who took part in this brutal massacre will be given the harshest possible sentence. ”

The first minister described the offense as “really rude” and said he was seeking support to maintain intimacy between the state and the Udaipur community with the antagonistic boss Gulab Chand Kataria in the state legislature. rice to the wok. Girouth raises if there is a state of tension and distrust in Inia.

“It’s really moving and embarrassing. have tension in this country. I have repeatedly urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah to step forward and stop the situation… every corner and every path is permanent imbalance. People are restless. First, the Minister is obliged to shout peace. to help. “Ghilot vowed that he would do justice to Kanhae Lal’s killers.

First the Minister will not keep the player alive and the police have been deployed to arrest him. he said the process would be accelerated in line with the country’s “priest plan”.

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