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Launched in Season 4, Vecna ​​rapidly grew to become the most outstanding villain in Stranger Issues historical past. That’s as a result of he’s the first humanoid-looking creature in Upside Down. Though Demogorgons are additionally bipedal, the similarities between them and people finish there. That’s not the case with Vecna. He appears to harbor deep-seated malice in the direction of Hawkins and all of its inhabitants.

As the fourth season progressed, his causes grew to become clear. He was a former Hawkins resident and was half of Dr. Martin Brenner’s mission in Hawkins’ lab. Should you’re questioning if he died in Stranger Issues season 2, we’ve acquired you coated. Spoilers forward.

No, Vecna ​​wasn’t lifeless at the finish of Season 4 Quantity 2. We be taught over the course of Quantity 1 that the purpose Vecna ​​appears so human is that he was as soon as a human being. His title was Henry Creel, son of Victor and Virginia Creel. In 1959, the Creel household moved to Hawkins. Henry displayed psychopathic tendencies from an early age. After discovering his powers, he gave his household horrific visions earlier than killing his mom and sister, making certain that his father could be housed for the relaxation of his life.

After that, Brenner took Henry in and began a mission in Hawkins’ lab to review equally gifted kids. Henry grew to become 001, the first check topic. Nonetheless, Brenner appears to be conscious of one thing critical about Henry. So he implanted a tool referred to as Soteria in Henry’s neck to suppress his energy. In 1979, after Henry revealed his fact to 11, they’d an argument and he or she despatched him the wrong way up.

Throughout his sojourn in that parallel world, Henry or 001 (Jamie Campbell Bower) turns into Wickner. It was revealed that he was behind the upside-down creature’s assault. Dustin had earlier speculated that if the Demogorgon, which appeared in the first season, was an infantryman, Vekner was a four-star common in the thoughts flayer military.

The truth is, Weekner created the thoughts flayer and used it to own Will Byers and Billy Hargrove. In the season 4 finale, “Piggyback,” 11 and her pals face Vecna ​​on a number of fronts. Nancy, Max, and the others understand that Vecna ​​must open 4 doorways to convey the horrors of Upside All the way down to their world. He has opened three doorways. The group decides to kill Vecna ​​with Max, who can nonetheless really feel the entity in her thoughts, volunteering to be the bait.

Utilizing a makeshift sensory deprivation tank 2,000 miles away, 11 enters the thoughts of Max, who heads off to battle Vecna. In the meantime, Dustin and Eddie pulled the demonstrator out of the Creel home so Steve, Nancy, and Robin might enter the attic in Upside Down and kill Vecna’s bodily kind. Throughout the battle with Vecna, 11 realizes why Brenner thinks she’s not prepared. Ultimately, with Mike’s encouragement, Eleven defeated Weekner whereas Steve and Robin set his physique on fireplace and Nancy shot him so much with a shotgun.

Nonetheless, Vecna ​​shouldn’t be lifeless. Will can nonetheless really feel Vekner now that he’s been possessed by a thoughts flayer. He revealed that whereas Weekner was injured, he was nonetheless alive. Though Eleven tries to convey Max again, the latter seems to be in a coma and Eleven can not attain her by means of her thoughts. Additionally, when Max was technically lifeless for greater than a minute, Weekner’s spell succeeded, turning the complete city of Hawkins into a large gate to the Upside Down.

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