Get to Know More About Skill Academy– Get to Know More About Skill Academy. Congratulations to everyone who passed the pre-employment card program. This means that you can already purchase the training you need from the Skills Academy.

If you want to continue your education at the Skills Academy, is a good choice as you can choose from a variety of topics to suit your needs. From in-house development, marketing, test preparation, business and finance, to technology and software.

Yes, not only are soft skills trained, but the Skills Academy also provides training for the development of technical skills. If you’re still not sure which courses to buy from the Skills Academy for pre-employment training, here are some recommendations for the top five courses and the ones most often attended by pre-employment card participants.

Successful Online Shop Business On Instagram

Since the advent of social media called Instagram, online stores have begun to take over. Good-looking and attractive entrepreneurs can easily sell their products without having to meet potential buyers in person. This shows that Instagram is the right platform for maximizing your business.

Don’t be confused about where to start. At Skill Academy, Instagram has an online shop business success course to help you create interesting content, create business profiles, and identify images, videos, and captions.

You will also learn how to manage customer orders to build your own business. Taught by Michael Sugiharto, an online business expert (founder and director of Digimaru) who has over 2500 online businesses to build an online store on Instagram. Many pre-employment card participants participate in this course and have a rating of 5.0.

Strategy For Selling Almost Everything

It’s still about the class on sale. This one class is useful for selling anything online as well as offline. This course is recommended for sellers.

Learn how to find the right prospects and prepare your presentation with Hendra Hillman, International Business Coach and CEO of Hendra Hillman International. This course will show you how to respond to potential customer denials, so don’t worry if you encounter denials when delivering your product. Many participants with a rating of 5.0 participated in this course.

Study Abroad, Scholarship, Application Resume Check

Lockdown is a good time for anyone looking for a job or scholarship to prepare a file. One of the files is your resume. You may be confused about what actually looks like a good resume, and lead us to award job listings / scholarships.

Common confusions include whether your resume needs to be creative, how complete your resume is, and how many pages you can have. You are missing a great opportunity to get a job or a scholarship.

We recommend that you take a resume surgery course for study abroad, scholarships, and applications from the Skills Academy. Yes, I will be taught directly by Iman Usman, co-founder and CPO of Ruangguru. The class also received a 4.9 rating from 26,888 buyers.

Financial Plan For Temporary Workers

Many people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, many need additional income and are becoming freelancers. Uncertainties in freelancer income often make it difficult for us to deal with.

In anticipation, you can use your pre-employment credits to purchase a casual worker financial planning course from the Skills Academy. From daily, monthly and yearly financial management to installment payments and investment consolidation. You have to buy! This course received a 5.0 rating because many pre-employment card participants took this course and received high marks.

Easy-to-understand TOEFL Grammar

The ability of an English speaker can usually be measured by taking a test. One of them is the English test as a foreign language (TOEFL). You can use this TOEFL certificate to apply for a scholarship later, continue your education abroad, or apply for a job.

A significant number of Indonesian multinationals use the TOEFL score as a requirement for hiring new employees.

It is imperative that you be prepared for good results before you finally decide to take the TOEFL test. Quite a few people have a hard time learning grammar, especially the TOEFL test grammar. But don’t worry.

The Skill Academy has easy-to-understand TOEFL grammar courses to help you learn TOEFL grammar. In this course, you will study with Ali Fikrie, a TOEFL and IELTS trainer with over 7 years of experience. Many participants with a rating of 4.8 participated in this course.

These are the top five recommendations for pre-employment classes at the Skill Academy purchased by pre-employment students in Batch 1 so far. Once you’ve purchased the courses you need, complete all study materials, including webins, and get government incentives right away. Good study!

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